Defendry in the Press

Arizona company developing new technology to protect people during active shooter situations | FOX 10 Phoenix

September 13, 2019

Unfortunately, it's a sign of our times, as most people are worried about active shooter situations, especially in public places. However, a Valley company is developing some technology they hope will help protect people.

AI for Real-Time Active Shooter Defense | Cutter Consortium

August 13, 2019

New commercial applications are now available that utilize artificial intelligence, machine vision, Internet of Things connectivity, and camera-based security technologies to detect and interdict active shooter incidences before they become deadly.

Avnet Makes Investment in Defendry’s Artificial Intelligence Solution | Business Wire

July 24, 2019’s-Artificial-Intelligence-Solution

Avnet has invested $2.1M in Defendry, a surveillance platform that helps prevent active shooter incidents and is powered by proprietary AI and IoT.

Deep Science AI joins Defendry to automatically detect crimes on camera – TechCrunch

March 25, 2019

Deep Science AI made its debut on stage at Disrupt NY 2017, showing in a live demo how its computer vision system could spot a gun or mask in CCTV footage, potentially alerting a store or security provider to an imminent crime. The company has now been acquired in a friendly merger with Defendry, which is looking to deploy the tech more widely.

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