Active Shooter Defense

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You should feel safe where you
work, worship, learn, & play.

But everyone is at risk of an active shooting.

Defendry protects your people

And the risk is growing…

Casualties from active shooter incidents in the United States from 2000-Oct 2019

Optimize Your Defense
with Defendry

Normal Security

Normal security image - without Defendry

An active shooter could enter your building at any time. Since human security teams can’t see everything at once, response time often takes minutes to hours.

  • Limited threat detection

Defendry Security

Your security with Defendry's enhanced protection

Defendry’s AI-powered defense system strengthens your security by watching all your surveillance cameras 24/7 to automatically detect, deter, and report potential threats in just seconds. Early detection can even automatically lock a shooter out before entering.

  • Strengthens peace of mind
  • Amplifies security team effectiveness
  • Expedites emergency response time
Defendry Protects:

How It Works

24/7 Threat Detection

Defendry’s powerful AI system watches all your security cameras 24/7 to automatically detect threats including guns, masks, & intruders.

24/7 Threat Detection

24/7 AI gun detection

Auto-Lock Doors

If a threat is detected, entry doors are immediately locked to prevent culprit entry.

  • Prohibits entry of people visibly holding guns
  • False alerts quickly reversed by human reviewers
  • Easy to integrate with access controlled doors via API

Auto-Lock Doors

auto lock doors

Instant Human Verification

Detected threats are immediately sent to our 24/7 human monitoring center, Rapid Response, for review.

  • 24/7 immediate human review
  • Prevents false alarms
  • Expert human situational intelligence provided to first responders

Instant Human Verification

human monitoring agent

Customizable Emergency Notifications

If a threat is verified, Defendry immediately sends a picture(s), description, & location of the threat to police, your security team, and anyone else who needs to know.

  • Police called
  • Image(s), description, & location of the threat sent to your security team
  • Trackable task assignments

Customizable Emergency Notifications

Customizable Emergency Notifications

Secure Communication Channels

Emergency notifications are received in Defendry’s secure team communication app, making follow-up collaboration easier to manage & review.

  • Group messaging + voice & video calls + task management (also great for day-to-day security team collaboration)
  • Easy to add your teammates
  • Works on any device

Secure Communication Channels

Secure Communication Channels

Example Scenario

Your worship service just began, and all seems well.

Threat Detected

However, Defendry has recognized a person in the parking lot pull out what seems to be a gun.

Auto-Locked Doors

Defendry immediately locks all entry doors.

24/7 Human Verification

A Defendry monitoring agent verifies that the gun appears real, triggers emergency alerts, and calls police

Live Intel Streaming

On-site security teams and law enforcement receive live intel including threat images, location, and description via the Defendry app.

Expedited Incident Resolution

Because the armed criminal was reported to first responders immediately, law enforcement is able to quickly detain him.

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