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Why You Need Defendry

An active shooter could enter your building anytime.

With Defendry, you can deter them & expedite resolution.

Defendry can automatically:

  • Detect visible guns, masks, intruders
  • Lock entry doors
  • Provide details to first responders
Defendry Protects:

Houses of Worship



How It Works

24/7 AI Monitoring

Defendry’s powerful AI system can watch all your security cameras 24/7 to automatically detect safety and liability threats.

Defendry with smart security

Auto-Lock Doors

If a threat is detected, entry doors are immediately locked to prevent culprit entry.

  • Prohibits entry of people visibly holding guns
  • Helps deter criminals
  • False alerts quickly reversed by human reviewers

Instant Human Verification

Detected threats are immediately sent to our 24/7 human monitoring center for review.

  • 24/7 immediate human review
  • Prevents false alarms
  • Expert human situational intelligence provided to first responders

Automated Action Plans

If a threat is verified, Defendry immediately triggers your customized active responses.

  • Police called
  • Image(s), description, & location of the threat sent to your security team
  • Trackable task assignments

Secure Communication Channels

Active response messages are sent in a secure communication app, making follow-up collaboration easier to audit & manage.

  • Easy to add your teammates
  • Works on any device
  • Group messaging + voice & video calls + task management (also great for day-to-day security team collaboration!)

Active Response Technology™ (ART™)

ART™ (Active Response Technology™) is Defendry’s proprietary software system that automatically detects, verifies, and responds to active threats 24/7. ART includes proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) video analytics, human-in-the loop threat verification, and customizable active response collaboration capability.

ART does what humans can’t: He works constantly, never sleeps, and never blinks. There’s no one better to watch your back.

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Example Scenario

Defendry. Protect your worship service.

Your worship service just began, and all seems well.

Threat Detected

Defendry. Protect your worship service.

However, Defendry has recognized a person in the parking lot pull out what seems to be a gun.

Auto-Locked Doors

Defendry auto locked doors to protect your house of worship

Defendry immediately locks all entry doors.

24/7 Human Verification

Still images of the threat are sent to Defendry’s 24/7 human monitoring center for verification.

Defendry locks intruders out

The armed person discovers that the front door is locked and decides to try another entry way.

Defendry monitoring confirms that gun is real

Meanwhile, the monitoring specialist sees that the gun appears real and clicks a button to confirm the emergency scenario.

Automated Emergency Action Plan

Within seconds, Defendry immediately does the following:

Defendry notifies the police

Notifies police

Defendry provides emergency action plan instructions

Provides emergency action plan instructions

Defendry establishes a secure communication channel

Establishes a secure communication channel

Organized Collaboration

Quick law enforcement response time

Because the armed criminal was reported to police immediately, law enforcement was more quickly able to locate and detain him.

Threat follow up collaboration is easily managed in Defendry

And follow-up collaboration was also managed right inside Defendry.

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