Threat Detection
with ART

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24/7 Detection. Better Security.

  • Detects weapons, masks, & intruders 24/7
  • Immediate, verified notification of law enforcement
  • Unlimited secure communication channels
  • Helps de-motivate insider and outsider crime

Why You Need Defendry

The Problem

It’s impossible for human surveillance monitoring to watch every camera 24/7. So safety and liability threats often aren’t reported for minutes to hours…

The ART-ful Solution

Defendry can watch all your security cameras 24/7 with Active Response Technology™ (ART™), an AI system that instantly detects threats, sends them to be immediately verified by our central monitoring team, and initiates active responses in only seconds.

How It Works

24/7 AI Monitoring

ART is a powerful AI system that can watch all your security cameras 24/7 and automatically detect safety and liability threats.

Auto-Lock Doors

When ART detects a threat outside a building, he immediately locks entry doors. If inside, he locks interior doors to prevent further entry.

  • Prohibits entry of masked and armed robbers
  • Helps deter criminals
  • False alerts quickly reversed by human reviewers

Instant Human Verification

The moment ART detects a threat, he sends it to our 24/7 human monitoring team to verify whether it is real.

  • 24/7 immediate human review
  • Alerts & images delivered for analysis in seconds
  • Reliable verification

Automated Action Plans

If a threat is verified as real, ART instantly immediately triggers customizable active responses like notifying police, sending mass notifications, and assigning trackable tasks.

  • Police notified right away
  • Instant mass notifications
  • Customizable active responses, including trackable task assignments

Secure Communication Channels

ART’s predetermined active response messages are received in a secure communication channel that includes group messaging, voice & video calls, and task management. This makes follow-up collaboration easier to manage.

  • All-in-one app
  • Works on any device
  • Group messaging + voice & video calls + task management

Active Response Technology™ (ART™)

ART™ (Active Response Technology™) is Defendry’s proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) system that automatically detects, verifies, and responds to active threats 24/7. ART does what humans can’t: He works constantly, never sleeps, and never blinks. There’s no one better to watch your back.

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Example Scenario

Column image

It’s a busy day at the local grocery store, and all seems well to the employees present. However, ART has recognized a person in aisle 4 slip on a ski mask and pull out what seems to be a gun.

Column image

Live video feed of the masked person along with the suspected weapon type is immediately presented to Defendry’s 24/7 monitoring center to verify whether the threat is real.

Column image

The monitoring specialist sees that the gun appears real and clicks a button to confirm the emergency scenario.

Within seconds, ART immediately does the following:

Response stage icon

Notifies police

Response stage icon

Provides emergency action plan instructions

Response stage icon

Establishes a secure communication channel

Column image

Because the armed criminal was reported to police immediately, law enforcement was more easily able to locate and detain the criminal.

Column image

And follow-up collaboration was also easily managed right inside Defendry.

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