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24/7 Detection. Better Security.

  • Detects weapons, masks, & intruders 24/7
  • Immediate, verified notification of law enforcement
  • Unlimited secure communication channels
  • Helps de-motivate insider and outsider crime

Why You Need Defendry

The Problem

Every year, over 30,000 physical retail stores are robbed in the USBecause most security monitoring providers have no one watching every surveillance camera 24/7, a thief usually has plenty of time to rob a store before law enforcement is notified, which can take minutes to hours…

The ART-ful Solution

Defendry has ART™ — a cutting-edge AI system that can watch all your security cameras 24/7. If ART detects a weapon, mask, or intruder, he will send an alert to our 24/7 monitoring center for instant human verification. If the threat is real, ART initiates active response efforts within seconds.

How It Works

24/7 Security Monitoring by ART

ART is a powerful AI machine that can watch all your security cameras 24/7 and detect weapons, masks, and intruders in real time.

Human Verification of Alerts

When ART detects a threat, he immediately sends it to our 24/7 human monitoring team to verify whether it is real.

  • 24/7 immediate human review
  • Alerts & images delivered for analysis in less than 1 second
  • Reliable verification

Automated Emergency Action Plans

When a threat is verified, ART instantly initiates active responses including providing law enforcement notification, delivering mass notifications, and assigning trackable tasks.

  • Notifies police right away
  • Immediate mass notifications
  • Customizable active responses, including trackable task assignments

Secure Communication Channels

ART’s active response messages are received by everyone involved in the situation in a secure communication channel that includes group messaging, voice & video calls, and task management making it easy for follow-up collaboration.

  • Works on any device
  • Group messaging + voice & video calls
  • Task management

Active Response Technology™ (ART™)

ART™ (Active Response Technology™) is Defendry’s proprietary machine that automatically detects, verifies, and responds to active threats 24/7. ART does what humans can’t: He works constantly, never sleeps, and never blinks. There’s no one better to watch your back.

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Example Scenario

Column image

It’s a busy day at the local grocery store, and all seems well to the employees present. However, ART has recognized a person in aisle 4 slip on a ski mask and pull out what seems to be a gun.

Column image

Live video feed of the masked person along with the suspected weapon type is immediately presented to Defendry’s 24/7 monitoring center to verify whether the threat is real.

Column image

The monitoring specialist sees that the gun appears real and clicks a button to confirm the emergency scenario.

Within seconds, ART immediately does the following:

Response stage icon

Notifies police

Response stage icon

Provides emergency action plan instructions

Response stage icon

Establishes a secure communication channel

Column image

Because the armed criminal was reported to police immediately, law enforcement was more easily able to locate and detain the criminal.

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