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Problems with Other Solutions

All other security monitoring solutions available today suffer from one or all of these problems:

  • Reliance on humans
    Most security monitoring providers have no one watching every camera 24/7 (the cost of paying someone to watch every camera 24/7 is astronomical.) So, many crimes don’t get detected until someone onsite calls 911.
  • No team collaboration
    Many mass notification systems can alert large numbers of people, but they lack a fully-integrated follow-up collaboration platform that includes secure communication channels and task management.
  • Lack of secure, auditable records
    Most systems do not provide a way to capture all event response collaboration in tamper-proof records for forensic event reproduction. When it’s easy to edit records, courts will not take them as seriously, making it more difficult to prove claims if a lawsuit ever occurs.

Problems with Other Solutions

Defendy's ART-ful Solution

Defendry with the Active Response Technology™ (ART™) solves this problem in multiple ways:

  • 24/7 AI security monitoring
    Weapons, face masks, and intruders are watched for 24/7 by ART™ AI. If detected, a human will immediately review. If the threat is real, automated emergency action plans are immediately triggered.
  • Automated emergency action plans
    Verification of a threat immediately initiates predetermined active responses including providing live updates to the police, delivering mass notifications, and assigning trackable tasks.
  • Secure collaboration channels
    All active response collaboration is organized in a dedicated, secure communication channel that includes Chat, a Task Manager, Voice & Video Calls (including screen sharing).
  • Forensic record keeping
    Collaboration is stored for forensic event reproduction, helping your client legally prove that proper response steps were taken and to help optimize future responses.

Defendy's ART-ful Solution

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