ART is Your Security Team’s Favorite New Hire

ART is Your Security Team’s Favorite New Hire

May 7, 2019

Employing and enabling physical security is an investment that many organizations can quickly find to be formidable. The average unarmed security guard will cost $12-$20 an hour, while their armed counterparts will cost between $18-$25. If a business is looking for an off-duty police officer for their security team, that will typically run between $40-$60 per hour. There are also the additional expenses for security tools, such as cameras, alarms, and other surveillance technology.

At the end of the day, you could be looking at between $35,000 and $175,000 per year, just to “secure” your organization with 1 guard.

This isn’t to say that security isn’t worth the cost. When physical security is a priority, the peace-of-mind that comes with having a professional system in place is invaluable. A visible, vigilant security team can help prevent and respond quickly to physical threats against your organization.

However, even the most well-trained and quick-to-respond security team won’t see absolutely everything that’s occurring, and they absolutely can’t monitor all surveillance cameras and entryways 24/7. That’s simply a human limitation. The question also has to be asked: if an active shooter situation occurred, would your security team be able to handle that crisis effectively?

Unfortunately, “the average armed security officer does not have sufficient, or frequent enough, training to effectively engage a hostile shooter under the typical active shooter ‘combat’ conditions,” as most armed security guards have only undergone one week of training, on average.

With these human and budgetary limitations in place, it’s understandable to feel some frustration and despair. As a business-owner or security team lead, what else can you do?

Introducing ART, Your Security Team’s Hardest-Working Employee

Ramping up a security team to ensure 24/7 surveillance would cost a company potentially millions of dollars each year. Defendry’s ART™ (Active Response Technology) can work more consistently and effectively than a human-only team, monitoring 24/7 without breaks, and for a fraction of the price.

Because ART works beyond the limitations of human capabilities and legacy surveillance technology, he’s able to provide legitimate, active threat detection. This includes supervising all cameras at all times, auto-locking the doors to your establishment, as well as mask and weapon detection too.

ART doesn’t just stop at detecting potential threats to your organization, either. Once a threat is detected, ART will auto-lock your doors and initiate your emergency action plan, which includes alerting authorities and communicating with your security team, all within seconds. ART doesn’t need to be trained, and is ready to go to work from day 1.

Even the strongest, fastest, most diligent security team still has to contend with the human mindset of immense stress and pressure to act if faced with a crisis. ART simply doesn’t possess the element of human emotion, enabling a quicker and more consistent response to emergency triggers.

ART is an Intelligence Benefit to the Entire Security Team

No matter the stage of your security protocol, adding ART makes your security team faster to respond, and stronger in the event of an active threat or incident. More than just a cost benefit to your business, ART is also an intelligence benefit.

Simply put, employing ART can help save lives and prevent tragedies. With his heightened surveillance skills and knowledge in place, companies that use ART can save potentially millions of dollars by minimizing financial losses, and gain a sense of ease knowing that the lives of their employees and customers are being protected.


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