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How Defendry Works

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What's Included

24/7 Threat Identification

Defendry Video Appliance (DVA)

Defendry Appliance

Automatically detect visual threats 24/7 by scanning your surveillance video streams with Defendry’s proprietary AI housed in a powerful, on-site appliance.

  • Gun Detection
  • Mask Detection
  • Intruder Detection
Defendry Video Appliance (DVA)

Defendry Appliance

Visual Threat Detection
Gun Detection | Defendry Active Shooter Defense


Detect guns visibly held by a human hand(s).

Mask Detection | Defendry Active Shooter Defense


Mask – Detect masks visibly worn on a human’s head.

No Mask (COMING SOON) – Detect when someone is NOT wearing a mask per COVID-19 concerns.

Intruder, Watchlist, Tresspasser Detection | Defendry Active Shooter Defense


Watchlist Violators – Detect anyone added to your “Banned” list when their face is recognized.

Trespassers – Detect humans in prohibited areas.

Defendry SeeSay App

Defendry SeeSay App

Empower your people to immediately report threats to your security team (“if you see something, say something”) and receive mass emergency notifications.

  • Anonymous Tips
  • Anonymous Pictures
  • Direct Messaging with Security Personnel
  • Receives Mass Emergency Notifications
Defendry SeeSay App

Defendry SeeSay App

SeeSay Tip Reporting

Automatic Lockdown

Access Control API

Prevent further entry of an armed culprit when appropriate by immediately locking doors – either automatically or after Human Verification.

  • Automatic Lockdown
  • End Lockdown
  • Easy to Integrate

Access Control API

Auto-Lock Doors

24/7 Human Verification

24/7 Human Verification

Automatically eliminate false alarms & provide real-time intel to first responders with Defendry’s multi-award-winning, 24/7 human verification partner, Rapid Response.

  • 24/7/365 Real-Time Monitoring
  • UL-Certified, DOD-Clearance Human Verification Agents
  • Continuous Intel During An Incident

24/7 Human Verification

24/7 Human Review

Immediate Situational Intelligence

Mass Emergency Notifications

Send mass emergency notifications in seconds that include a picture(s), description, & location of the threat to police, on-site security teams, and anyone else who needs to know.

  • Picture(s), Description, & Location of the Threat
  • Customizable Messaging
  • Provides Tactical Advantage

Mass Emergency Notifications

Customizable Alerts

How The AI Was Made

Defendry has been trained to recognize guns, masks, and intruders by using surveillance videos of actual crime scenes as well as fabricated, life-like scenarios. AI training was initially led by the original creator of Defendry’s AI, Dr. Sean Huver, a PhD in physics, former Bell Labs research scientist, and veteran of multiple Department of Defense DARPA projects. Ongoing training is now led by Defendry’s Deep Learning Researcher, Dr. Sanjaya Lohani. Fabricated crime scene scenarios are directed by Arizona police officer and crime response training specialist, Tony Sanborn, and multi-award-winning filmmaker, Kyle Malkin, using every major type of gun on the market, and comprehensive variations of masks, costumes, and permutations of actions.

What You Need

Defendry security cameras


Defendry NVR system

Video Recorder (NVR or VMS)

Defendry auto-locking doors

Access Control System (optional)

System Integration Requirements

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